Creating an autopost project

Autopost projects post your products to social media accounts at scheduled times using templates.

To create an autopost project follow these steps:

  1. Log into your organization
  2. Select Projects from the side naviation menu
  3. Select New Project
  4. Enter a name for your project
  5. Select Autopost products
  6. Select Create project

Please refer to the sections below to learn more about autopost projects.


Schedule determines when posts are made to social media accounts for this project.

Time zone for the schedule is inherited from the organization.

To add a schedule:

  1. Select Add schedule
  2. Select the time and days
  3. Select Save

You can add multiple schedule entries. To delete a schedule entry select the cross icon against any day and the entry for that day will be deleted.


Filter products by feed, brand, discount, availability and more to ensure only the products you want to post as part of this project are selected.

A common use is to select only discounted products when running a promotion so that products that are not discounted are left out when posting to social media.

To apply a products filter:

  1. Select Filter products
  2. Set product filters using the drop-down lists
  3. Select Save to apply the filter


Add your logo or seasonal art to posts with this feature.

To add branding to your posts:

  1. Select Upload
  2. From the Upload logo dialog select Select file
  3. Browse and select your logo or branding image file
  4. Wait for the file to upload
  5. Select Save
File size must be less than 5MB


Create customized posts for each social media account. Every social media has different audience and your posts need to reflect that.

There may be slight differences between account types, for the following steps we are using an Instagram account.

To create a post:

  1. Select an account
  2. Select a template for the post under Template for image
  3. Select the template that works best for your post, each template has multiple options, don't forget to explore them
  4. Select Save to apply the template
  5. Enter a caption for the post, use placeholders to automatically enter text such as the product name, price, link, etc.
  6. A preview of the post is displayed on the right (desktop) or below (mobile phones)
  7. Select Save to add the post to the project
Add posts for all or some of the connected social media accounts.

Running the project

When you are satisfied with the changes and are ready to run the project:

  1. Select Run from under the project title

This will run the project and begin posting at the scheduled times. You can stop and resume the project at any time.